About DoctorKay

The Art of Growing is to live, love, learn, and lead

The Art of Growing

My name is Dr. Siraya Kongsompong (Kay). I’m trainer, consultant, and coach at SEAC in the area of leadership, communication, and coaching. I have the purpose and passion of helping people GROW in different aspects of their lives.

I GROW myself by helping others GROW! Siraya Kongsompong IMG_7208 IMG_7156

For family, I GROW little 2 children — one boy (Krin) and one girl (Kymm). My aim is to GROW them to have leadership in serving others — to live, to love, to learn, and to lead with their fullest potentials. That’s a fruitful journey between me and my husband, Maj. Gen. Nok Kongsompong, that we both agree as the lifetime commitment.


I like one quote that says “If you can’t change the world, make it different!” And yes, I wish my speaking and writing can help making differences to people I meet.

Let’s take this journey and GROW together.

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